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So I was looking at my demographics today, and I saw to my extreme surprise that 20% of you are actually of the sex that the other 80% want to become! That astounded me, for one. For two, it got me wondering; why?

Why would females enjoy M2F captions? Why would they fantasize about becoming a sex that they are already a member of? This, of course, is assuming that the majority of viewers both male and female have some level of trans present in them, which I think is a safe bet, so if that's true, why the female demographic? (If you're female and enjoy M2F captions, please do comment on this post why, if you feel comfortable)

And then it got me wondering; if trans males are looking at an M2F blog, is it possible that they are just trying to sift through the overwhelming majority of M2F posts to find a couple of F2M ones? I figured it could be a possibility. The proportion of M2F captions to F2M ones is astoundingly skewed, and it's not really surprising that that's the case. Girls are sexier, so they make for better pictures, transformations, and captions. Plus many cappers are male (such as myself), so we are able to pretty easily imagine what it would be like to be a girl and write a reaction based on a given scenario, which would be harder to do if the subject of the cap were transforming into a guy.

But even with that understanding, the amount of F2M caps out there is staggeringly low. I can only think of one capper who makes even F2F's on a regular basis, and that's Tehswitcher. But there are dozens of M2F captions sites out there, and not a single one (At least, that I've found) dedicated to F2M's. I'm toying with the idea of maybe trying out a dedicated F2M blog, but I'd love your input on the subject.

What do you think? Are F2M's under reperesented? Would you like an F2M blog? Post in the comments and take the poll to the right! Thanks for your time, now back to the capping ^_^


Sorority Secrets

Yea, nevermind. I like my mold.

Culture Shock

Well the title was piss easy to come up with. I'm rather proud of this one. I feel like I'm growing out of the mold of 'guy turns into a girl and then sex happens', ya know?