Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Gym Curse

Filling In

Hello everyone!

I haven't been posting for about 6 months now almost to the day, but I have still been enjoying captions made by other artists around our little community. The site I have been enjoying the most is Swapping Grounds, made by SwitchHitter. If you haven't heard of her before, check her out. She has some really amazing stuff.

Switch has hit a bit of a rough patch and is taking a leave of absence (and frankly I don't blame her, keeping up with 2-3 captions a day, and at her level of quality, is an exhausting task!) so to give her some time to relax and get some much deserved R&R, I'm going to be posting the backlog of caps I've made during my own absence just to help ease your insatiable lust for caps!

Caps will be posted at the usual time, 4:00 pm, every day til I run out.

Hopefully Switch will get to feeling better soon, so we can all go back to enjoying her phenomenal work!

- Asher