Thursday, December 18, 2014

Rose Tattoo

This, is Rose.

Rose is a very special kind of spirit.

She needs to eat, but she can't eat food.

She eats bodies.

But not in the way you'd expect.

You see, Rose is a very special kind of spirit.

She enters a person's body and shapes it into her own, feeding off of their identity until all that remains is herself.

Then, after a few years, she must feed again, and reform a different body into her's. 

That time has come.

And that body is yours.

So what do you say?

Care to become a goddess?


Alex had been bored out of his mind. It was his first time flying alone without his parents with him and he didn't know what else to do with the six hours left on his flight. He'd already exhausted all of his movies and listened to every song on his ipod, but the flight just kept going. He was about to just take a nap until the end, until something strange out the window caught his eye.

It was the weirdest cloud he had ever seen. It looked just like a regular cloud, but it was a lot thicker and flowed a soft pink color. Alex had never seen anything like it. And the plane just flew right through it.

Alex blinked, and he felt different. Not wrong, just... different.

He stood and looked around the plane around him and noticed that there were different people in the seats around him than before. And they were all staring at themselves for some reason.

Alex sat back down and felt weight on his chest move. He looked down to see his body changed to that of a girl. In fact, when he looked in the camera of his phone to see himself better, he thought he looked kind of like a female version of himself. He still had the same style he did before, just more feminine.

For some reason Alex wasn't worried or freaked out. He knew he had just changed into a girl randomly, but it wasn't that bad. He'd have to take a better look at himself privately when the plane landed, but for now he was content to take a selfie of his new body to send to his friends.


Incident report - December 3rd, 20  

Description: Experiement involving SCP-113 approved in order to investigate effect of anomaly on a male subject shown to be entirely stable in his gender identity. Dr.              observed and conducted the experiment. Subject is unaware of experiment's nature.

Subject: Mark                  , hereafter known as D-1834.
Age: 25
Psychological Health: Stable in gender identity, [Restricted]
Past exposure to SCP's: [Restricted]

00:01 - Subject was exposed to SCP-113 and followed the anticipated stages of exposure. The anomaly (which resembles a small, polished piece of red jasper) immediately attached to D-1834's skin and began secreting chemicals and emitting the aticipated electromagnetic waves throughout the subject's body. Vital signs at this stage remained optimal.

00:02 - Subject began the transformative stage of the exposure. However, D-1834's transformation differed slightly from previous subjects in the fact that his age seemed to decrease as his biological gender was changed. His hair lengthened as his body shrunk, and small breasts grew as his genitalia reverted to a female equivalent. D-1834's screams from the reportedly extremely painful process changed over time, becoming more and more high pitched as the experiment progressed. The subject's clothing also changed to match that of a normal (if somewhat troubled) teenage female, as change that, like the regression in age, had not been seen in previous exposures. Possibly due to past exposure to SCP-    or-   .

D-1834 will hereafter be referred to as she.

00:05 - Transformation complete. Subject collapsed and immediately began to cry and panic. Psychiatric personnel present were unable to calm her down. Subject was restrained and isolated in a containment chamber and will be kept under surveillance, most importantly suicide watch. No objects will enter D-1834's cell that do not meet the safety guidelines set forth in the suicide prevention protocol.

00:06 - Experiment concluded.

Conclusion: Subject D-1834 continues to show signs of emotional grief and being constantly physically uncomfortable. Interactions with psychiatric staff have yielded long-winded emotional ranting, some of which is completely incomprehensible. Unstable emotions determined to be a combination of the sudden change in gender and the natural emotional strife a female of her age would experience.

Continued observation is required. Upon the restoration of emotional stability, D-1834 will be allowed to resume her position prior to the incident, so long as she passes appropriate aptitude tests to determine that her intelligence has not diminished.

End of report.


"No." Drew said as he began walking down the stairs away from the apartment. Rick followed close behind.

"Oh. come on man! I'd do the same for you!" Rick pleaded as he stopped Drew at the bottom of the stairs. Drew only stared at him.

A few minutes prior, Rick had called Drew over to his apartment to 'check something out'. But when Drew got there all Rick had to show him was a necklace that looked like it had just come from a flea market. Rick insisted it was magic, but Drew didn't buy it. It wasn't until Rick convinced Drew to put it on that the magic revealed itself. Drew's body rapidly began changing, growing smaller and weaker. His hair grew as his features and skin softened. His chest began to balloon outward, filling a bra that was forming on his chest as his clothes disappeared. Matching panties covered his cock, which was soon replaced with a slit. Makeup applied itself to his face, finishing the transformation.

Immediately Drew tried removing the necklace to change back, but stopped when Rick told him that if he took it off before a day had passed he would be stuck like that. Upon hearing that, Drew threw up his hands and left. Rick chased after him, insisting that he should take the opportunity to experience sex from the other side. But Drew couldn't care less about his friend's sexual ambitions. He just wanted to get home so he could explore his new body.


Eric sat down to collect his thoughts. His day had gotten very weird, very fast. He had just started out for the day when the Role Exchanger paid his school a visit. His first change wasn't too bad, his hair only changed from brown to blonde. But for the next he exchanged genders with one of his friends, who was very upset at suddenly being a guy. Eric thought things couldn't get much worse as he examined himself, but then he was struck again, this time trading his small A cup breasts for sizable C cups. And finally, as he tried to escape from the bright blue light, he was struck one more time and has hid fashion sense and skin color exchanged with one of his school's goth kids. Now, he sat by a tree outside of his school after finding a corset he felt comfortable wearing off the tan goth girl who didn't need it any more. People all around him were screaming and running, some of them complete abominations of humans. Seeing a man run away with three sets of enormous breasts, and watching the blue light fly away to afflict somewhere else, Eric counted himself lucky to be who he was.