Friday, February 23, 2018

Boring White Guys

This is a request from Ilvernia Gershon, hopefully I got it close enough to what you wanted ^_^

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Cards of Change: The Game

At a garage sale, you picked up what looked like an ordinary deck of cards.

You didn't really notice anything strange about the cards, nor the garage sale, except that it was run by several extremely attractive girls that didn't look like they belonged together.

Regardless, you brought the deck home and opened it up, and were surprised to find a note in the box with instructions.

"All who would play this game, the Cards of Change are not for the feint of heart."
"This game will alter your life forever, in ways you may not expect."

"If you wish to play, announce so, and draw a card."

The deck lays before you, just begging to be played. You announce you are playing, and draw a card.

What does the card say?

Author's Note: As I was writing the Cards of Change Part 6, I realized; why the hell not make the game playable?