Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hotel Room

Fun fact: Other than the body switching, this is a true story. Names changed, of course.

I'm really sorry for my recent absence, the year is wrapping up and I've been very busy finishing everything for school. I didn't intend on taking a week off, it just sorta happened. Kind of like this story XD

I'm going to be reducing to just one cap a day, at 4 pm so I can keep posting daily while reducing the time needed to write. Hopefully that will be more manageable in this busy time, and I can keep giving you guys your daily fix XD

Thanks girls


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Little Sister's Little Sister

Ultimate App

I always loved The Swapping Grounds and the amazing caps they make, so Imma steal a little idea from them :p

Also, I totally didn't just skip a day yesterday due to work, school and life.

Totally didn't. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015


I always liked dialogue only captions, I think they make a cool framework. 

Is this Bikini Beach? Fuck it, I'm labeling it Bikini Beach.

Playing Around

Mmmmmm, randomizer caps.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Girly Girl

Kissing Curse

The idea for this cap has been knocking around in my head for a while. I thought it was an interesting idea to have people swap through kissing, and after I thought about the chaos that would have arisen out of that power being present in some of the situations I've been in, I just couldn't resist.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Close Call


"Excuse me," I asked the girl in front of me. "Could you scoot over a bit? I can't see."

She looked back at me like she was a queen and I just blundered into her throne room. 

"Hell no, you're a dude you should be tall enough to see over. If you ain't you aren't man enough to like football."

She turned away from me before I could punch her. I was about to yell at her to move, but then a thought popped into my head. My family had the ability to possess people's bodies by contact, switching us with the person we wanted. I figured it would be the perfect cumpunance for this little spoiled brat. 

I yanked on her stupid ponytail and slipped into her body. As soon as I was in I turned around with a smirk as she started freaking out in my body. She got up and ran out, presumably to cry over her dick. 

Meanwhile, I got a great view and a cute little body to enjoy the game in. 

Close Call


Tyrese didn't know where he was. One minute he had been smoking with his crew, and the next he was being blinded by lights and his high was completely gone.

"Ok, Taylor, look over here."

Tyrese looked to the man talking with a confused face. He looked down to see a much smaller body than he was used to, one that was white and had breasts.

"Man, the fuck is this shit?" He said, grabbing his boobs. The photographer was confused, to be sure, but tried again to get Ms. Swift's attention. Of course, nobody knew at the time that the Great Shift had just shifted a black gang member into the pop star's body.

"Ms. Swift, would you please focus? I need to get this shot for your video."

Tyrese looked up from his boobs to the guy trying to boss him around and his gang instincts kicked in. Nobody bosses Tyrese around 'cept Tyrese.

"Man, you can suck it." Tyrese said, thrusting as he showed the photographer where to suck. Of course, there wasn't actually anything there to suck, but the irony was lost on Tyrese.

I do believe I owe you all two captions for the missed day yesterday. Hence why today shall have four. Sorry for the inconvenience XD

Sorry for the Skip

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday, sometimes it's hard to find time for these XD to make up for it, there will be two extra captions today at 8 AM and 2 PM, both gifs!

Thursday, April 9, 2015


I like to think the two unnamed characters in this cap are named Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. 
Because I am a nerd.

Also, until this picture I never stopped to consider the situations that bring about these pictures.
Like, this is obviously in a store room of some kind. What is going on outside of this picture?
Eh, screw it. Who cares, TG!


Apologies for the screwed up day yesterday, couldn't find time to make enough caps :(

That being said, here is a cap that contains the word Bootyswag. Enjoy.

Thursday, April 2, 2015